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Antonia Guzman – Interferencias

2 unieke werken op paneel uit 2002 – 24 x 18 cm – getekend door de kunstenaar – prijs voor de twee werken – (niet ingelijst)




Each painting offers a glimpse into a moment in time in which an intimate exchange is taking place. Guzmán titles her paintings carefully, offering some clarity by connecting the dots between the viewer’s personal interpretation and the artist’s intent.

The childlike characters that fly across her canvases, intertwining with one another, emphasize themes of family bond, heritage, fragile unions and/or un­stable connections. Underneath the vivid colors and playful compositions, the art­ist reveals a world of complex emotions. To her, there is nothing stronger than the unconditional ties that form within the family, despite how burdensome these relationships may become.


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