Andrzej Kasprzak – Dance on Highway

ingekleurde ets op Arches – 70×55 cm – niet ingelijst



Andrzej Kasprzak is seen as an established contemporary artist. Andrzej Kasprzak was born in 1963. Artists Olu Ajayi, Alexander Bazarin, Radu Ciobanu, Laura Kikauka, and Jonone are of the same generation.

Born in 1963, Andrzej Kasprzak’s creative work was largely inspired by the 1980s, the era of African famine, the height of the Cold War, and also the end of it, as marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall. significant art movements of the era include Neo Geo, The Pictures Generation and the international trend of Neo-Expressionism which manifested in Germany, the USA and Italy (where it was known as Transavanguardia). The decade was exemplified by artists like Anselm Kiefer, Jörg Immendorf, Enzo Cucchi, Francesco Clemente and Julian Schnabel.